Società Metropolitana Acque Torino S.p.A.

Area Istituzionale

Company guarantees: prevention and monitoring (Degree Law 231/2001)

Within the scope of corporate governance, SMAT has placed strategic importance on the instructions contained in Degree Law 231/2001, aimed at preventing specific types of criminal offences.

The implementation of the Organisation and Management Model approved by the Board of Directors on 17 December 2003 responds to the firm belief that all useful elements for attaining conditions of correctness and transparency in management activities is worthy of the attention for the company’s image and the full protection of the stakeholders’ interests.

Furthermore, the decision to adopt the Model, the Ethical Code and other company governance elements (such as voluntary auditing, activation of an internal auditing function, and quality certification) is an efficient tool for sensitising all individuals working on behalf of SMAT and inducing them to embrace a conduct inspired by the ethics of responsibility and the provisions of the law in their everyday activities.

The Model stresses that unlawful conduct, being contrary to the law as well as to the ethical-social principles of the company and its interests, is strongly condemned by SMAT, even in cases which could apparently be advantageous to the company itself.

By constantly monitoring sensitive processes, SMAT is capable of taking immediate action and consequently preventing and contrasting the perpetration of unlawful offences.

The use of the Model has made it possible to implement a sequence of activities aimed at constructing a risk prevention and management system