Società Metropolitana Acque Torino S.p.A.

Getting to know water

Relationships with Consumer Associations


SMAT, in line with the fundamental principles and the reference quality standards of the supplied service stated in the ATO 3 Integrated Water Service Charter, places great importance on periodical analysis and “customer satisfaction” data.

A Protocol of Intent was signed by SMAT with all Consumer Associations members of the Regional Consult for the Defence of Consumer’s Health of the Piemonte Region.

The Protocol contemplates a variety of initiatives defined in common by SMAT and the Associations. The guidelines are:

  1. to open a direct communication channel via SMAT’s Guarantor who is at the service of the Associations for customer management related issues
  2. to improve the quality of information in external communications by SMAT with a capillary dissemination promoted by Customer Associations
  3. to organise consultation and information meetings once a semester to examine standard monitoring results and suggest actions to improve service and communication with customers and users
  4. to publish the monitoring results in the course of press conferences jointly organised by SMAT and Consumer Associations

The Protocol of Intent was undersigned by the following associations: