Società Metropolitana Acque Torino S.p.A.

Integrated Water Services

Water analisys and monitoring

SMAT has modern laboratories dedicated to monitoring the entire water cycle, namely quality and safety of the collected, treated and distributed drinking water and of sanitised waste water reintroduced into the environment.

SMAT labsThe monitoring activities on water for human consumption are performed on the water collected from the environment (groundwater and surface water) to identify pollutants of human or natural origin, on the processed drinking water to monitor and optimise treatment efficiency, on the water introduced into the water supply system networks to ensure compliance with requirements, on samples taken in public buildings and private homes (the latter following reports by customers), and on the bottled water for emergency distribution and for sales.

The reactants used during in drinking water treatments are also monitored. Pipe and tanks are inspected when new and following maintenance operations.

The primary object of the water supply system inspection laboratories is to ensure compliance of the supplied drinking water with legal requirements and increasingly often this activity is performed alongside investigations which involve the environment.

SMAT performs a capillary monitoring activity on the industrial waste water dumped into the sewer system and controls urban waste water and sanitation processes to constantly improve the water quality in surface bodies.

SMAt labs

The waste water and sanitation process sludge are tested to verify compliance with emission limits and sanitation process efficiency during each step of the treatment to prevent, diagnose and solve arising process malfunctions.

The activities performed by SMAT as integrated water service manager for ATO 3 in the waste water sanitation sector thus implies a significant contribution to safeguarding water resources and the environment.

Organised teams work on the field to test industrial systems and monitor technological dumping from industries into the sewer system in order to ensure sanitation system functionality. Authorisations may be granted and inspections conducted at the industrial plants themselves taking samples for official and study purposes. The measures contemplated by the law in force are adopted in the event of non-compliancy deriving from tests or on-site investigations.

Every year, SMAT awards Waste Water Quality Certificates to companies dumping over 5000 cubic metres of waste per year which according to the type, degree of functionality and operating efficiency of their systems, demonstrate to constantly pre-treat waste in accordance with the limits determined by the law.

SMAT also awards Water Saving Certificates to industries which either demonstrate use of recycled water or are equipped with water saving systems.